Will I?

I will to slam my fist upon the wall,

I will to scream, to shout, to call,

Tired of taking baby steps I say,

I have passion, defiance, and commitment,

But the true question is,

Will any of it stay?

Will it all just fade away?

Donning the mask for each new day,

It's like I'm acting in a play,

And here tonight I feel that I can,

Wake the waking world and wake the masked man,

Here tonight I feel that I can,

Stick and stay to my defiant plan,

It's a matter of life or no life,

And this is my life,

Should it not mean everything to me?

Should I not have the courage to truly be?

Can I not shed this personality--this fake identity?

Can I not let go of the insecurity--accept the mystery?

Can I not open my soul to see--to be truly free?

I can.

But will I?

The End

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