Brightwell Poetry

A collection of poetry that comes and goes through sadness and elation, expressed from deep pondering and uplifting spontaneity, I hope you will read and comment.


Motion sliced thin, awkward and serrated,
Slipping grace in a shake,
Your perfect face faded,

Sharp heated coils, feverish in your chest,
Tight'ning spring in your heart,
Weakness tires your breath,

Fragmented ideas, interrupted and awry,
Reeling mind, tumultuous eddies,
Flickers of stained doubts do fly,

Distraught, your rotting thoughts are locked and caught,
Wincing with whit'ning complexion,
Sick struggles left unfought,

Gripping, cynical and skeptical,
Gasping, pitiful, unacceptable,
Grasping, fingers untouchable,

Uneasiness stealing intelligence,
Ice quenching innocence,
Tying the tensing strings,
Fixating the knotted wings,

Left in a mess,
You’ve let the stress,
Take the last,
Of your breath.


The End

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