Bright red nailpaint

i woke up one cold morning,

and stared at myself in the mirror,

i looked tired and felt quite sick,

but my reflection said i'm a winner;


i felt like some caffeine,

so i went to make myself a mug,

hoping it would alleviate,

the terrible feeling in my gut.


today was definitely weird,

i had a certain deja vu,

that i shall have strange encounters,

and my horoscope said so too.


i thought i'd seen enough low days,

i thought i definitely deserved better,

inwardly frowning at my transition,

i remembered once i was a go-getter;


then i recalled past lessons learnt,

 those seeds of wisdom so painstakingly sown,

that my actions decided the course of my day,

that i had to write my destiny on my own.


so i put on bright red nail-paint,

and wore my favourite jeans,

any day can be perfect

to go and realize your dreams!



The End

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