bright eyes

I am in a strange mood tonight. I am not a great prose writer. Nor am I a poet. I am a rambler. A drabbler. That is all I seem to be able to write, right now, and for that I am sorry. I apologize for posting such short pieces, (this is only 152 words) but it seemed fitting for my current mood.

Bright eyes.
Empty lungs and heaving heart, blink with me
Once, twice, thrice
You are a shape in the dark and my hands feel nothing.


I’ll seize your dreams by their throat and watch them
Protect your neck, child
 Say your prayers and never forget
We are the ones who made you


I’ve got a knife that is just your size
I can stomach your face but not your brain
 You wear your saviour on your skin; I’m always here but this heart ain’t yours.


Kid got no soul, I got a secret
 it sits in my belly and rots in uncertainty
sit and watch your mother cry, she pulls your teeth-


and you tell her you want to die.


The world burns bright behind your eyes
 I leave it blind and you keep pretending
Futile redemption, inhibited and raised by the one who bites hot-
kid aint got no soul.

The End

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