The ethereal trees, like the looming sins
Drooping on my backpacked shoulders
Fade in the darkness, like the memories
Of a thousand days of happiness 
I'm soon to leave behind.
My parents, they sleep, oblivious
To the footsteps over a mile away.
They'll wake in the morn and find but a trace
'Bye, I love you,' in a boy's careless scribble.
I wonder if they love me too.
The ethereal trees, like butterfly nets
Tangle my legs, try to pull me back
To the thousand days of longing
I'm soon to leave behind.

The river looms ahead, I cross the bridge.
A matchstick falls, no turning back.
A defiant current of murky water confirms
That this is my destiny. I just hope
The bridges I will be forced to burn
Will later light my way. 

The End

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