Breaking Up Vs. Letting Go

People say that a break up is the worst thing that someone can have

Because it brings tears


And especially heartbreak


Many don’t seem to look at how letting go of someone affects them

It brings tears



Emotional turmoil  


And excessive reoccurring of the past


Though I know a break up could amount to these things too

But letting go is the hardest thing a person could do

Yes breaking up and hurting someone hurts

But it’s easier than letting go

Letting go is the hardest thing for everyone

Because it means giving up

Moving on

Forgetting the past

The present

And future


It brings both turmoil


And especially pain

To both the mind and body


It affects the people



And mentally

Because just a moment ago you were someone’s

And know you have to let go

For not just their sakes

But for yours


You are not only thinking of what’s best for the other person

But yourself as well

And that’s the hardest thing to do


Then there are times when you want to pick up that phone

To call

To send a text message

To see how they are doing


And you are stricken


With fear

And pain


A break up doesn’t give a person this feeling

And you don’t have to worry about  both sides

All you worry is about yourself

Your emotions

And occasionally reminiscing your past


In letting go

It’s all about





Knowing for the rest of your life

The one you loved

And thought you could spend your life with

Has moved on

 Doesn’t need you

Forgets you

Decides not to love you

And let’s go

The End

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