Breaking Me Slowly

This started out as song lyrics, but since it doesn't rhyme, I made it a poem. Enjoy!

I can skip lightly without making a sound,
kind of like what you did to my heart.
When I wanted to see you,
you said no, no, no.
I'm too busy,
I've got work.
More like I'm too busy to love you.

Why are you so pretty?
I can't help loving you.
Even though you slashed my heart
long ago.
The sky is dark and cloudy,
so I guess I should find cover,
before your storm hits yet again.

You step on me,
like you do with your empty beer cans.
Your words hurt,
but when you pull me in,
I forget months of abuse.
When my head touches your heart,
my mind resets.
That must be your magic spell...

The End

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