The rain fell endlessly upon my faded eyes, oh how its seems to be forever, yet you keep me afar from that place you call home.  When did we decide that life was just a game, something that could be won or lost.  I walk in this manner to feel the hard surface that i fall upon every night when i dream of you.  Consider the image in your mind, relive the moments that we made it ours, just ours, falling in to that moment of hysteria, confusion, and pain.  What would you say if i was to leave this very situation that we created?  I sat there watched you in my mind, your smile, your senses, your touch all for him, was it worth the breaking?  Some where deep inside, i feel alive, yet breaking into piece that would never be put back together.  Close your eyes and let me kiss the tears away, hold my heart within yours, feeling the passion that runs within your veins.  The silent rain fell upon my faded eyes today and forever was gone, not ever knowing she was breaking from me.


The End

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