Break Me

Life without love isn't life at all.


Its in our life our soul our heart

But what kind of drives us to be torn apart

We go through this life living on sinking sand

Just waiting for that person to reach out their hand

But we are so self reliable

Saying to God I don't want your bible

I just want parts of you when i feel alone

So you can leave God I'm putting her on my throne

You say perfect love drives out fear

But I cast you aside when she is near

When she is gone what do i have left

She is the place that I ran to the place I found rest

Now that she is gone I don't know what to do

I  want something more than just sitting here waiting for you

I want a love that's over flowing and never ceasing

A perfect love to get me away from this feeling 

I want this love to over take me

Soak into my veins and never leave me 

So over take my heart

Set me apart 

I want your love to run through me

Oh I pray to Thee

Break me 

Break me

The End

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