Break Free

I was inspired by a poet's quote "All we do is play it safe, all we do is to live inside a cage." I came to an understanding that sometimes we play it safe, reserving ourselves at a comfort zone when we know destiny is calling us unto something better and greater ahead. If we trust and believe in God as we say, we should be willing to be held by God unto His promised heights and glory for us than hiding in our self made cages of fear... fear of tomorrow.

All we need is to break free,

Break free from the cages of fear, worries that,

Holds us down deep in tiger claws from,

Becoming all Love desires of us,

Take flight like the eagles we should and,

Yes, we shall on the wings of His Love,

That will strengthen us through the valleys and storms of life,

For though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I fear no eveil, for You solidly backing me up,

Dropping punches like Mayweather through Love's strength,

Your rod and staff comfort me,


Thus i wonder why,

All we do is to play it safe,

All we do is to live inside a cage...

The End

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