I see you broke down over there

I could help you if you'll help me too. 

Light fading in and out as well as my mind, conversations become dull and I get lost talking and forget the point of the story.

You couldn't tell me shit back then.

You couldn't offer me the world to stop fucking around.

My brain is a computer and its blue screening more and more each day.

What do you know? You're broke down.

You're on the side of the road while everyone else passes you by, and you wonder why they don't see you. 

See I'm broken too. & I'll fix myself by breaking what broke you.

You better hope you don't figure it out.

This whole mind-fuck called the world. The way everything has a geometrical pattern, the way smiles make you nervous, the way sounds either interest or scare you. If you never find yourself you're never going to find anybody. I seen you yesterday and I seen you tomorrow.

I feel ghosts around me sometimes. 

The End

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