bravery and trouble, exhausting

what does it

mean to be remembered

as someone who


did something


does it mean


to be thought

of in English class,

or to be read of


in textbooks?

is it to be regarded as a

rebel and a risk-taker?


or maybe it isn't.

maybe you're noted

to be a troublemaker


and a person

whose only crime they've

committed is


to be the odd one out?

to be weird.

is that such a bad thing?


i'm not going down as

either, i'm just the way I am.

so if you have a problem


with that, then

don't write a book,

don't tell the world.


i'm not a rule-breaker,

i'm a rule-enforcer,

going behind their backs with


your instincts,

you can't help it.

oh, little girl,


you died at 15,

they say from depression,

but maybe because you were


thinking too much.

and you don't want

a memorial to you,


screwing your

image of who you were

up in the mirror -it lies.


so i want to be

remembered in stories

and laughter,


pictures and descriptions

of the kind of person i was.

so i am asking


only to be defined

not by words inked

and printed on a page


or droning presentations,

not even if it's read aloud.

i want to be remembered.


i don't want to be

forgotten, so i will

make a memory of myself.

The End

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