Brave Familes

It is a poem on how i feel about the people in the united states army

The Brave Families
To show the troops support.
It means the world to them .
To understand their fear is terrifying,
To be able to welcome them home is a relief.
Now think about the soldiers fighting for us,
They show no fear even though it may over whelm them.
Show them that you are brave for them,
Be brave when you send your love ones off.
Hang a banner with a white star on it,
That shows you have a love one over seas.
Write them everyday so they know your still there,
But for the unlucky families they have to face a horrible day.
The day your loved one will never come back home,
But please know they fought for you.
Now please bow your head in honor for the young men and women that died fighting for us.
They will forever be in our hearts,
We are all united by One person, One government, and One army.

The End

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