Brain RotMature

kind of a johnny cash knockoff/tribute (depending on how you look at it), it's a song I wrote for my band.

The sounds of Johnny Cash fill my head,

As the last drop of whiskey slides down my throat,

The juice is wet, but I feel dry, dry, dry,

And there's no place left for me to go...


I sit at the bar staring at the bottom of my glass,

And it might as well be my whole life,

I've gone so many long years just to sit on my ass,

To sit and wait for the reapers' knife!


Oh, I tried to work, but the work had no end,

It just distracted me for a while,

And I tried to have friends but they might as well be dead,

When I don't see any light behind their smile.


But now I'm stuck here down in El Paso,

And not a shadow to call home,

And I'll fight and I'll scream and I'll bite and I'll yell,

But there's nowhere left for me to go!


I'll break a window and I'll spit on a cop,

Just so they'll take me down,

But I've got the feeling that it's never gonna stop!

And in this quicksand I think I'm gonna drown...


So pick me up and take me away with you,

To wherever it is you're gonna go,

I'm just trying to find a little love,

And someplace I can call home!

The End

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