Splashing DaydreamsMature

My mind
is a whirlwind
of so many things
thinking of your hands
and your lips
all over me
to things like
running into the rain
dancing in it
around street poles
not giving a damn
how drenched
we get
too loud
and feeling
so free
chasing each other
through the rain
and then
we’re inside
fingers colliding
with rain-ridden skin
to bodies
and shaking
skimming and exploring
to a heat
our chills
trading control
back and forth
slamming into walls
the couch
can’t keep still
but you’ve tossed my shirt
and I’ve tossed yours
and I can’t get you
close enough
you make me feel alive
you are rare
and addictive
and I don’t think
that I want to stop
being addicted

The End

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