Struggling in the middle of the day with philosophical wondering I don't need to be plagued withMature

Sometimes I wonder
if there's enough-
enough songs
enough nights
with hands in the wind
enough red-head rocks
enough skipping
through empty hallways
ditching shoes at benches
and throwing oxygen away
in favor
of dancing
I wonder
if there's enough
of now
before it all
fades away-
our picture frames
and daydreams
every night we've sworn
won't end
sometimes we promise
will last forever
that has to be
one thing
we do know-
there is eternity
to forget
and remember
yet still
I'll promise
and over
that any
singular moment
will last forever
that late nights
when we danced
at 2 am
on sleep deprived feet
coating our skin
in laughter
and songs
we're too tired
to understand
not remembering
how late it is
or quiet drives
not needing
to speak-
there are
too many moments
I want to retain
and I don't know
how many I will
but I know
there is so much time
for a million more
of that,
I am certain.

The End

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