Sometimes Things Happen Out Of The Blue But For The BetterMature

“I just need to find someone
that loves me
like you
love him.”
It’ll happen
and neither of you
will expect it.
I was soaring
and mindless
to acknowledge
my feelings
when I
was sober,
and couldn’t
ignore them
I wasn’t.
You’ll accidentally
tell them
“oh my god,
I think
I’m falling
in love.”
and you can’t worry
or panic
in that moment
because it’s out there
and you
don’t care
but it matters
when they tell you
“Don’t worry
I already
be grateful
and you’ll wonder
how you
had any idea
of what happiness was
that moment.
So blissful
and ecstatic
and out
of your mind.
And every day
You can’t stop
from grinning
and laughing
and getting excited
all over again.

The End

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