Perhaps I Daydream Too MuchMature

My words flow
like the stars
at night
my fingers glide
across your skin
as if you’re the night sky
and every touch
is different
I could wake up
twenty years
from now
next to you
and I swear
I’ll still think
your eyes
were made
from the skies
of Neptune
and your skin
from the silk
of stars
too many times
have I wanted
to have you
sitting in front of me
and just reach out
and desire
from your bones
pressed to my cheeks
and you can’t let go
your lips
trace mine
over and over
then quickly
kissing me
over and over
and you can’t
your breath
you know
what you want
and you’re tired
of waiting
too many times
have I wanted
to slam the doors
and collapse
to hold back
I want you
to ruin
my skin
I want you
to show me
the sun
is hot
I want you
to make me forget
and capture my attention
in every way
that you’ve learned how
I want you to know
what makes me tick
what heights
are the best heights
which songs
bring my soul
to yours
what colors
bring me
back to life
I want you
in every way
that could possibly be
I want it to be
3 am
and you play the piano
singing softly
my bare skin
to yours
against your heartbeat
and we swear
that this
is home.

The End

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