Never Flow In A Normal RhythmMature

things move
so slow
how easy
it becomes
to think of little things
finger tips
across skin
so soft
and your back
much like
first steps
on the moon
every touch
every map
every tour
like it’s the first time
she’s ever
put her hands
on you
you shiver
letting out
a slow breath
you think
of broken buildings
she says
made me fall in love
and never want to leave.”
you don’t understand
at first
and then
it all makes sense
when you see
every story
on the walls
like paper trails
out of nowhere
and it’s Sunday morning
you can’t see
and your glasses
are on the floor
at the end
of her bed
your face
into her hair
you’re awake
and you want to be
but don’t
at the same time
it has to end
and you tighten your grip
sleepily wanting
to not let go
and she’s smiling at you
at 10:34 am
picking up a waffle
and laughing
at something you said.
it’s barely that-
who knows
what time it was
your eyes
to the floor
and you hear it
that nickname
six feet away
and she’s grinning at you
plastered into her eyes
and you wonder
how she can look
at you
like that
you wonder
how long
she’s thought
you were made
from the solar system
you wonder
if she knows
you think every freckle
on her skin
is a star
you smile at her,
you have to keep working
but suddenly
you can’t
you want to hear her
listen to her
and you’re sitting there
staring at a group of kids
with controllers in their hands
and later you’re told
you stared at her too much
but you don’t remember
all you remember
is a clipboard
clasped in her arms
to her chest
her shirt
tucked in
and you crack a joke
and she laughs
every time
you want to hear that
a million times over
see that smile
you’re so busy
if her lips
feel as soft
as they look
you don’t know
that she’s captured
in your eyes
she wonders
how long she can hold back
from holding on
and never letting go
and you’re wondering
how long
you’ve been holding on
in the first place.

The End

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