Window Panes Full Of Rain And Sheets Full Of The SunriseMature

I'm thinking
of rain
against the window
at 1:33 am
with your fingers
at the nape
of my neck
staring off
At the walls
of our apartment
covered in little drawings
and small notes
taped up
for the other to see
dog-eared posters
two small cactuses
cause we couldn't keep
even one flower
you named the small fish Wyntre
"because it's fancy"
you said
with a smile
on your face
I laughed
and called it Ellis
for the same reason
and the dog
too big
to be a lap dog
but that's where she is
all the time
and you never
push her off
you just ask her
existential questions
like she'll answer
and you laugh
when she licks your face
I think of
being soaked
from puddles
"the weather is beautiful
you said,
not bothering
to grab a jacket
and pulling me
into the rain.
I think
of morning
with the sun
sleepily glazing
our skin
and it's time to get up
"just five more minutes"
you say
which turns into
two hours.
you tell me
you couldn't leave
while perfection
was right in front of you
and kissed my forehead
holding my hand
under the table.
I think of
one night
in the car
it seemed as though
we had been driving
we pulled over
and walked
To a hill
"just sit
and breathe,"
you said,
"tell me
this isn't
one piece
of eternity"
"it is"
I said
of course it is
one piece
out of millions
and our fingertips meet
and I understand
all over again
that eternity
is a million pieces
"but you're lucky,"
I told you,
"Cause sometimes
those pieces
are people,
they're fallen stars...
you're lucky
if they share
even a piece of themselves."
I thought
for a long time
trying to find
even a sliver
to take your breath away
a glimpse
of how it feels
to be around you
to experience you
but I realized
that can't possibly
be accomplished
there isn't enough time
and there aren't enough words
so I'll sit here
and enjoy you
in an apartment
full of drawings
a fancy fish
a fluffy dog
an eternity
far too perfect.

The End

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