Call Me An Addict But The Only Rehab I Need Is YouMature

Different things
flow through veins
flow through brains
flow like colors
and pictures
that detail stories
stories that don’t end
we don’t want to end
you flow
like a loud song
that you sing
at the top of your lungs
out the window of your car
the most honest
you think you’ll ever be
in that moment
Until you’re in that moment again
in the dark
behind closed doors
and late at night
where you have no-one to be
but yourself
and you don’t care
where hands go
you don’t care
where you go from here
how long it’ll take
to get where you want to go
cause where you want to be
is at the tips of your fingers
and you won’t let go
the second you get ahold
I may be on drugs
and I may be in love
I know for certain
how drunk I am
on you
how addicted I am
to you
so that everything else
is replaced with you
be my poison babe
take me under
drown me
I don’t care
what you do to me
what you want to do
Whatever you want
is yours
turn my walls blue
my skin purple
and red
make my head a rainbow
you’re the only color
that matters
the only color
I care about
Different things flow
in different ways
flow like music on the radio
hands in the wind
standing in a burned building
over a city
made of graffiti
Dirt roads and cobblestone bones
And maybe
this city taught you what love is
but it didn’t matter
until you found
Exactly why
you needed to know
Cause you never know when
you’ll use it or who will use it
Who you’ll stare at while the sun sets
while your veins burn hotter than the sun
and you’ll wonder why
Everything fades away
everything is black and white
and you’re the only ones in color
And suddenly
It’ll all make sense
in the blink of an eye
and you’ll know why
why will look at you
with a small smile on his face
while he takes you to new heights
why will come to you
stealing the breath
from your lungs
and you’ll let him
every time
you’ll jump into why
not looking
before you fall
not caring
if you crash and burn

The End

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