were I to let
something so simple
as a person
a piece of paper
a heart
hundreds of words
my worth
I'd be defiled
faded grafitti
long lost tales
and letters
I am so much more
than any person
or paper
could possibly try
and decide
I am
an exquisite gem
a sculpture
telling elegant
and rough tales
I am green and blue eyes
and Wolvesmouth
wearing sneakers down
to dust
on broken paths
and long stars
I am
a beautiful laugh
with lavender fingers,
a loud
but intoxicating voice
not easily forgotten
I am
a million planets
and worlds
that I don't understand
I am long nights
full of little talks
I am bones
that rattle
to find where
I need to go
I am a Queen
not easily defined
by anyone
I am complex
and special
I am me
and no-one
can take that away
or change

The End

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