Snowstorm in Hell

Fire in the North Pole
Snowstorm in Hell
The world's turned itself inside out, but how can you tell?
Everywhere you look, it's the same charade
Unless you head straight out of the third dimension, and onto the fourth
Here's something new, but what's new about it?
Surprisingly enough, you can't place your finger on it
Take a moment to stop and smell the flowers
Went too far upon realizing you can't

This door leads to the thoughts in your head
Not very helpful now, I'd really like a friend
What about tomorrow? There is no tomorrow
I'm in a time continuum, and every day's the same
Everyone admit you're just a pawn in this game
You'd better float with us if you want to stay sane

Short days, long nights, what's the difference?
It's the same exact setting without a plot
See what happens when you stand near the edge
Storylines merge together in one great master plan

It gets to you, doesn't it? Makes you want to scream
You can leave if you want to, it's all the same to me
Love isn't behind any of those doors
But you can bet you'll fall to hell if you open the floor 

The End

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