Layer of Filth

Layer of filth is on this earth
Let rain come down and wash it off
The rain won't wash the dirt away
Layer of filth is here to stay

Let it rain, I pray for rain!
Come down and wash away the pain
I wash myself with water
But the filth only gets stronger

I can see that you have the filth too
I see it when I look at you
God, why do I have this curse?
I can only see the hurt and pain on this earth
God, let it rain on this earth!

I welcome the rain, please let it pour
Wash off all this filth, down to the core
Of this earth
Where there's nothing left but more dirt
But the filth is still there!
It won't go away no matter how much it rains

The filth is on you! Get away from me!
You're filthy, and you disgust me!
Leave me alone, I don't want to be seen!
Don't touch me, I feel so unclean!
But the filth was already on me anyway
Layer of filth is here to stay 

The End

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