This is a collection of poetry that I wrote in 2005 and before, when I was in high school. This marks the beginning of a long journey...

On the borderline, I arise
On the borderline, I remain
Stuck between two extremes
In the center of unclear dreams

Shifting between this so called reality
And alternate ideals of escapism
Which one is truly more real?
I can't escape this confusion I feel

Thoughts rush in from all directions
A constant battle within my head
Denying my fear of rejection
My self-absorption I constantly fed

Bits and pieces, minor details
Defects of mind cloud my paths ahead
Should I waste my time contemplating the aftereffects of death?
Could it be endless torture or a long awaited rest?

Freedom calls, but obstacles I have yet to conquer
I sense a long journey ahead of me
I'm afraid of the evils which lurk in the shadows
Perhaps in those shadows there lies a key

The End

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