Book Stand

The one book stand

Where no other book can be

The one book stand 

Where you like what you see

The one book stand 

When everyone stops

The one book stand 

That you would never swap 

The one book stand

No one else knows much about 

The one book stand 

If you don't see, you pout

This one book stand

The one that holds the truths only you understand,

Speaks a different language for every other

You see this, I see that 

But what is the collective message? 

If everyone perceives a something new

Then surely one of them must be the true message

Maybe we should just accpept

That there isn't always a message

Maybe messages are there to make us feel like we're missing something

Like we need something more

So what if we don't need that message?

Yes, some are needed

Yes, some are important

But too many people take these so called 'messages' 

And twist them to be so literal 


Just let people enjoy the mystery of a message

Let them enjoy the interpretation for themselves

Let them find clues and let them go insane trying to figure it out

It's all part of the fun

Don't take the fun away 

Some people only have that one book stand. 

Okay so weird story, I was going through my notes and I saw this. I had no recollection of writing this - a lost cause. Then, out of no where my english teacher forwards me an email I sent to him in November with this poem attached. I guess originally I wrote this for fun way back, and then used it for an assignment, according to the email. He also included a message that said this was one of his favorite student works he had ever received and that he showed this to some of his writer friends and they wanted to publish it in their newspaper! I just thought it was so odd that I found this right as I got an email from him about it! Another weird thing, according to my notes, I wrote this exactly a year ago today. 

The End

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