XVIII: The Machine

A biological machine,
A pump of flesh and blood,
A shadow with no light, it still beats without a host,
You see a black feather, swirling ground,
Fallen angel? Where are your eyes?

You follow blindly,
Your eyes masked by the blood of innocents slain,
Frankenstein, are you a monster?
Humanity blinded, science, creation.
But how can we judge without being judged?

You carry your cross,
You carry your gun,
Your humanity and independence,
Your white lies and black secrets.

Hold me your sympathy,
I need not your loving whispers,
You smile and make pretend,
Tell me. Do you speak in tongues?

Do you pray for salvation,
To a mystic creation?
Do you seek repentance,
For your disobedience?

Tell me angel,
Black winged messiah,
Are you human, monster,
Can you tell the difference?

The End

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