XV: Same Sun

Each moment we seem to pay
For living in the world of every day
Nothing we can do or say...
Will save the pain of yesterday.

We say, we write,
We have the
But question is: do we have the sight?

We speak our minds and all for nought
Forgetting everything we taught.

Yet here we stand,
All as one
living under a single sun,
Yet we do not see with the same eyes
Or think below the blood ties.

Black or white, girl or boy,
Everyone’s someone else’s toy,
Never shall we be the same.
Yet we’ll all share the shame.

You look to me and what do you see?
Do you see the inner-beauty?

Or do you see this full-figured form?
Ready to wait, Waiting to be torn.

For your words like poison, you always speak
Always underneath the heat,
Of the same sun I live under with you,

Tell me, what here is true?

The End

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