VI: Cosmic Heart Shards

My heart has shattered through a million cosmos'
I find a shard and it's gone again,
I have a single, remaining shard left,
My last remaining shard, I dare not give it away.

I hold the glass fragment in my hand it slices through my skin,
Stained with my blood, my life, my being,
This is what you call love,
This is what you crave?

You're so innocent, so fragile,
Such a pure lie,
You long for love,
For that blood-stained tear.

I'm sorry. I shall wash away your sins.
But this last shard is mine and I'm too scared to share,
My heart beats, over-flowing with your tears,
Can I trust you to hold me forever next to your heart?

Will you hold my hand?
Will you help me through my journey,
To find my lost heart?
To find my fragmented soul?

My heart has shattered into a million pieces,
Throughout the milky way,
You turn away. I'm left cold, frozen.
Another tear in my existence. 

I still traverse the universe,
Looking for my heart,
Please if you find a piece,
Hold it close. Love is humanities salvation.

My inspiration for this being my thought that your heart is like a glass orb, a host for your soul. You fall in love, you fall out of love. When your heart breaks, it breaks into a million shards. You can put it back together but a piece will always be missing.

The End

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