A tale about a young girl killed by her father

Her body lay in broken pieces in the ground

That once vibrant heart made no sound

A soft whimper, no one around

To save her from her enemy

She was like any other girl

Her mind thought not about the world

She lived in one that was her own

Sewn from dreams and lullabies

But no, but no she did not cry

As she watched her mother die

Before her eyes soaked in cold blood

And shards of her father’s beer bottle

There would be a day when she would be free

But that was a day she could hardly see

For the jail cell blocked it all out

And the judge’s resounding voice

Made her freeze in her seat

Gave her no other choice

But to end the life that no one of them wanted

Of course her father wanted to do that for her

He broke through his chains and ran out to meet her

She stood by the road side waiting

Inside her mind voices were berating

Her yet she stayed there

Till he got there

Blood and organs hit the ground

Sharp end of his knife did hit her

And even as she died

No fear or pain did rip her

From the fate her mother shared

It went and bit her

Her bones are in the ground

No one there to save her now

The End

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