do you have some bonderies

or did you leave it at home

did you see the canvas piece

or your to busy at work

so i sit and pounder

and wonder what this is

oh its a ich of saddness

no its a nasty lie

so i now see

and wish for bonderies

and being touched bye an angel

will you and i be free

gently you protest me

and resist my every move

shadows try and take me

but i know that

God will fill the room

flameing hair

midnight stares me in the eye

i will soon be loveing again

the sage will come out

and Jesus will walk again

no one ever took the time

to learn about my precious eyes

so hopefully in the future

parents will learn to educate demonstrate

i will be here to see it because i desevre to

so yes to a better world

and save the midnight pearls

The End

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