I watch you move

Shadows breaking apart

Layers and layers of shifting movements

Light passing on and on

Magnifying your form

You take over the dry wall

Surpass the stucco

Yet you remain apart from me


Not even your shadow reaches me

I dream I can see it shift in my direction

Whisper that all too common phrase

Hunter chasing the hunted

I want to see your shadow ever so slowly darken my face

I want to close my eyes but know your nearing with every slamming of my heart valves


Let me know what your hand feels like on my face

Give new meaning to the word lingering

Hands lingering finding haven

Make me feel like I can rise out from my body and look down

Just kiss me

I know I would feel it all

The periodic table runs through my head

Feeling like a base element

Feeling like this is all just the beginning of time.

The End

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