blurred realityMature

I tend to freak myself out and thing that nothing really exists and it's the worst thing ever

The ticking of my
watch doesn't give me as much
comfort as your voice over 
wires if i called you now
would you pick up the 
phone i need to hear your voice
its the only thing
that helps me feel
less alone

My body shakes in the dark
this earth quakes in the dark
i can't feel the reality of hearts beating
and this entire world feels too much like a dream

(am I even real?)

So tell me if God is real
angels too
i'd really like to know
cause kids are screaming in the dark and 
i dont want them
to feel so alone

The shaking of my hands reminds me that you're not really here and I
I can't seem to get the point
you're not here
and the words start to slip and my hands start to slip
and it fills me with fear and 
you're the only one
who can convince that this
is all

The demon in the corner is screaming
my name and last night i thought
this was all just a game
but your taste is in my mouth and my breath has been 
replaced but the aching memory
or your sweet fucking face 
i cant get you out
i cant get you out
someone needs to help me
there's something in the walls and the world is blurry
and I'm fading and everything
is slowing

I thought i heard your heart beat through these walls and i swore i could feel your breath on my neck for a second you were here and now I'm afraid and so out of placing and the only thing you left behind is me

maybe you were never even real

The End

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