Blurred LineMature

I didn't run into my best friends arms

I didn't scream 

Or even call for help

The thing about the word love

Is it fades every moment into one blurred line

Because if it's 'love'

There's no need to ask right

October 12, 2010

It's not a date marked in my calender

But branded onto my palms

like permanent reminders that when I throw my head into my hands

He's right there with me

Haunting every faded memory

Bringing back all of the hurt

Creating vibrant colors of that day all over again

The Dry Gin on my lips

As Full house blares on the tv screen behind us

Grabbing the bottle next to me 

Hoping that maybe one more swig

Might take away the hurt

I learned about contraceptives in sex ed class

We talked about diseases

How to say no

Not to walk around at night alone

My teacher taught us about the creepy uncle

The man in the alley way

To run as fast as we could when a van pulls up

Asking us if we want a piece of candy

But she never talked about the lover

The other half of us

The person we gave our all to

How to say stop

When your parents are in the next room

Those stories never hit the news

They're societies skeletons in the closet

The tales nobody wants to hear

And when they do

The truth is too much for them to believe

Every estranged lover because lack of self control

Not knowing when No

Really means No

The End

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