My best friend

My best friend lives underneath my bed In my closet

Any place that’s dark

When all the lights are switched off he comes out to play

He jumps on my bed until I wake up and for a couple of hours the night is ours

We don’t like the day

There’s no shadows at night only darkness

Darkness and silence

In the still of the night there is so much to be done

We could make our own wall of china or plant money trees

We like money salad with ranch dressing!

But when all the fun is gone and done with, we both must rest

I tuck him in my laundry basket and give him losts of dirty socks to eat

He doesn’t fuss much

He knows the night always returns

So we both rest and spend our days watching the sun lower it’s lids

Go to bed Sun, so my fun can once more begin!

The End

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