Samurai Love

Tink, tink go the bells

And a banner slices through the sky

A victory song rings out

Even as his desparation rises

The samurai searches for his home

His reason for living and living well

A tree's last leaves fall

And she stares at it's nudity as if she's staring into a mirror

She crosses her arms over her body self conciously

She knows it's been too long so she kisses his ghost good bye

and goes on to live her life among the people of the clouds

He runs into a stranger

One with a familar face

A pale face with painted lips

The kind that don't curve into a smile

He knows what she doesn't say

A dream only lasts so long

So he goes to the temple and closes his eyes so that he may dream for forever

Enlightment eludes him but he will always have enchantment

And she perches on a throne but never feels like a queen

She stares but never blinks

Until she forgets how to move

But no one sees because what she is, is what she has always has been

A statue

The End

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