The Blind Man and The Ghost

The blind man saw her in the attic

He felt her coldness on his face

But he couldn,t keep her warm

She was a ghost

She paced away from him and peered out the attic window once more

She said " He still can't see me. He never saw me when I was alive but I did love him so"

The blind man shrugged "Sight is over rated anyway"

Neither asked why the other dwelled

Maybe they both just needed company

I'll never know for sure

The ghost sighed " There is no heaven without him"

The blind man walked to the window and peered down

He didn't see the man look up to the window

"Doesn't look like much to me " He muttered

She sighed again " You just don,t understand what it's like to love and love and never have it be returned"

Finally it was the blindman's turn to sigh.

He said " I think I do have some knowledge on the subject"

The ghost returned to stare at the window

And the blindman continued staring at the ghost

And that's how it ended with both of them dead and blind

The End

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