The Butterfly and The Moth



The moth saw the light in the distance and almost flew right into it

The butterfly quickly blew out the candle

The moth gave her thanks and a shaky laugh

The butterfly was out of matches

So they sat in the darkness both thinking one was just like the other

The butterfly poured the wine

And the moth decied to sing

“ This must be summer, my chill is gone,

This must be love, my heart is whole”

They toasted their new friendship and planned for the new day

And they watched the colors unfold in the sky like a peacocks wing

Each staring at the other dumbfounded

Both couldn’t decide if it matter at all that one wasn't like the other

They just stared at each other until the sky was blue

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky

A perfect day for flying

So the moth made her exit

And the butterfly swore he would always remain close

And follow that song where ever it may flow

The End

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