On our moon



I made you a paper airplane

I missed my home

And I missed you

I pretended to soar across the midnight sky

But I didn’t get consumed by all it’s vastness

I flew right to you

I landed on your rooftop

And tapped on your window

You rose and rubbed your eyes

Perhaps you thought it was merely a dream

But yes I am here

We got into that paper plane and we flew off

I took you to the moon

And we sat there and stared

We stared at everything

And everything looked so small

I realized then it was true

Our love is bigger than life

Bigger than this world could ever contain

So tonight I want pretend and I won’t dream

Tonight we will go and we will find that place

Where our love isn’t pushed away or boxed

We will live to love

And love to live

The way I think it should have been all along

The End

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