Blue's Series of Seven Dreams

A series of seven lullabies and tall tales. Stories that remind me of the nonsense stories my grandma tells when she has no idea what to say.


Sea of Love

Good night my lover

I hope tonight you don’t just dream of me…
I hope when I close my eyes we might meet up

But I’m afraid I just might never want to leave the nightlands

I’d like to be in a place where it’s just me and you

No noise, no distractions

Nobody to tell me no

Conjure up a boat

We will sail on the sea of love

Sail into the horizon and pretend never to come back

And when you wake you’ll almost believe it’s true

Until you see I’m nowhere to be found

If I could I’d be right there beside you

Always beside you

Pressed against, like two halves of a sea shell

So let us float away…

Gentle waves take us away until well into the morning

The End

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