I don't mind being the sacrificial Lamb

Providing it's served with warm wisps of overseas pudding

Fried in butter without serious incident

It makes you strong

Behind the gilded Palace doors

Tricky moral conundrums

The village green is under threat

They will blight our entire country

Spouses whose immorality lowered the tone and drowned

Decline to abandon

As the old world clashed with the new

The Prince is addicted to valium

A disater of epic proportions

Complex, concentrated

A sweet spank

If you are determined not to be outdone by

Bespectacled nighttime lecturers and blue stockings

Keep pushing until it's all done


They'll percieve you as a dark blur

Stop you like a snowboard in soft powder blue


He announces the name of the sinner

I'm sure like me,  you were following the visit

A disaster of epic proportions

Could have had unmitigated success

He had a natural ability to put them at ease

I looked at my coat it was blue

And snaked down the backstairs into the Alps of the night


"Not yet"  Came the announcement

Kicking with exuberance

He grabbed my arm and said

"It's twenty to two a.m"


I was elected an equal member

But some would seek to treat me less

Do we say "Cheese"

Like an era of silent movies amid scandal

When they spoke it spelled the end.





The End

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