Blue Roses

Due to the absence in nature of blue roses they have come to symbolise mystery and longing to attain the impossible


Blue Roses 


I like blue roses for it's kind is rare

 I settled myself one out of  despair

Seen with own my eyes, they all are blue

Though some are not and some are true


But how would I know which is which

Do you think I gotta go check them each

 After all, they all seemed color blue

So I grabbed each one, without a clue.


Thinking those I chose, I thought were real

It's for me to find out, it's for me to feel

But as days goes on and time passes by

The truth came out, you and I can't deny.


Slowly, it's color starts to fade

Bright blue tints turned lighter shade

It's true color starts to show;

It was pale and white, I didn't know.


I thought it was real, but it was fake

Covered with lies people used to make

 Again, I realized, Blue roses are rare

 Some will fool you and they don't care.


So you have to wait for it's season to come

It just happened to have one reason for some

Coz' if you're too impatient not to

Soon you'll know what'll happen to you.


Fooled with the fake dyed blue roses

False hopes underneath fancy promises

So you gotta think first, before you make a deal

See? you'll never know who's gonna be forever real !!!










The End

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