Blue Jay

A broken girl is inspired to get back up again, because one little bird restores some happiness to her life.

Her diamond eyes

As blue as sky

Are fractured –

Shattered by her tears


A lonely sigh

She begins to cry

She feels like an outsider

One alone in this world of fears


A tear rolls down her cheek

She’s tired –

Tired of being called a freak


Alone, she weeps

She’s tired, so tired

She collapses in a heap


No on understands her pain

They all say,

‘You can’t have rainbows

Without a bit of rain’


Her shoulders slump

She becomes a lump

As featureless as her fear


Her spirits are plummeting down

But still they quote,

‘You can’t have a silver lining

Without one heck of a cloud’


The tears keep dripping

But slower, slower still

Even though, deep inside

Her heart is ripping,

Ripping clean in two


A blue jay swoops, high above her

Feathers swaying in the breeze

So glad to be alive

So glad to be so free


And one of his feathers

Lands in her lap

The frown melts off her face

That one little feather

Has sealed the gap


She gets up,

And runs, runs, runs


She feels so wild, she feels so free

Just like that blue jay

Who landed in the highest branches

Of the highest tree


The End

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