Blue Gorilla

I love Donkey Kong as much as anyone but this is just plain stupid! Oh well.

Blue Gorilla

The blue gorilla stalks the jungle,

with muscular might and tremendous strength.

His watery colour attracts all but to him they're all just feeble bananas,

A foolish adventurer approaches; only to be scared by blue gorilla.

People envy his glimmering glow of groaning,

His super-powered fist pounds his ventilated chest.

If his prey are bananas, then his prize must be sweeter

Something man has not yet seen

(definitely since they're all crushed beforehand)

Upon his hut of the battlefield,

He bounces the corpses mercilessly with seismic earthquakes.

The women and children quiver in fear,

As blue gorilla hobbles near.

They may try escape, but blue gorilla sniffs the hunt and is swift

No greater animal could possibly exist in the rift.

The End

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