Blue Fingertips.Mature

Leaves twist in my hair, 

Crushed under my blue fingertips too,

Wondering why I don't care,

Wondering why neither do you.


Looking into your baby blue eyes,

Seeing this dark, thick, consuming greed,

How long it took me to despise,

This stammering hurt that I've come to need.


I stare up at these thin, frail  branches,

As you take everything I have left to give,

I've used up all of my nine chances,

When did it get so painfully hard to just live.


That smile on your cold wet face,

Sends shivers, until I feel dizzy sick, 

When did I come to fall from dignity and grace,

Choose any of my recent days, take your pick.


Raindrops roll onto my red cheek,

My voice climbs up into my throat,

I know this is the time to finally speak,

But my mind decides instead to note...


That this hurts, and I'm cold on the ground...

That I've only been pretending I don't care...

That I wish it was some other girl that you found...

And that the rain it has weighed down my hair.


Theres one more thing that I just can't stand,

That I fit so perfectly into your bare arm,

When your clutching to your chest my miniature hand,

I feel like you'd never cause me any harm. 

The End

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