Blue Eyes

just trying to see things from a VERY diffrent point of view. It used to be a recommended poem, but I had to delete it from there, so I hope it still gets the same review here =)

Im tired. So tired.
I do not want to fight it anymore.
Why should I fight?
If its a feeling that I have, isn't it natural?
And really why is it so bad?
Everybody else feels excitement. Anticipation.
And I am tired of fighting against it.
Am I going to go out tonight?
Will that be enough?
Yes. I'll just cruise and get this off my mind.

Sitting in the park is comforting.
Silence that isnt really quiet.
I can hear the wind, the yittering of squirrels.
Leaves rustling. The ever constant thrum of traffic.
Letting me know that the city never sleeps.

Helen. She is soft and warm to me.
felt good in my arms when we hugged
I say this like I've known her forever.I haven't.
I just met her.
her eyes are so inquisitive. Always searching for new things.
A blue so bright it hurts to look at them.
Helen's skin is soft.
Peach colored silk I cannot stop caressing.

Sitting in the coffee shop, I laugh
encouraged she keeps talking. It's late
Go back to your place? sure, but mine is closer..
The warmth in my tummy begins to stir and grow.
Become something more.

Walking through the trees she darts off
'Chase me'her body says.
Laughing I comply.
A few attempts to shake me don't work
She falls to the ground

I join her, lay beside her and take her in my hands.
Her breathe is coming quickly. Too quickly?
the chill in air has made her eyes water.
I wipe the lines away. Lean down, kiss her cheek.
Her eyes are closed. So modest.

Sitting up, I bring her with me,
I lean in for a kiss.
Her lips meet mine and feel like velvet.
The warmth stirs again and starts to soar along my veins.
I give out a startled giggle. I'm really am quite shy.
I have only kissed one other girl.
She didnt like me though.
But Helen does. I like her too, her eyes possess me.
SO blue, vast and clear.

Her hands come up to my hair, her fingers twine
and it feels like she pulls me closer.
I lean in again, place my hands around her cheeks
Lightly, dont hurt her.
I think she was going to say something for her mouth opens
and my tongue slips inside.
The warmth is now almost an explosion so thouroughly has it claimed me.

"Don't say anything" I whisper "It can't be ruined yet"
"why"? she implores me
"You are so soft, I wanted to feel you. To be in you."
Her eyes close again. I think she knows how I feel.
I move atop her. Her body stiffens, not used to my weight I think.
"Wait" she says.
"I can't, I need you.I'm tired of waiting so long."
I trail one hand down her chest, feeling the swell of her bosom
the thumping of her heart. Bringing my hand back up I put it around
the back of her head in a motion to kiss her again.
my thumbs meet just above the clavicle. Skin so smooth.
I look into her eyes.

My body feels like it's on fire. Why can't this feeling be enough?
Slowly my hands inch up and close.
"Keep your eyes open" I say, even though I know they'll stay that way.
They always do.
I can see her fear now, as my hands tighten. The small look of confusion
Suddenly I clamp down and squeeze.
Her eyes are frantic, this is the part I don't always like.
She isn't staying still. Her eyes move to quickly looking everywhere but at me
"Be calm" I say. That jerks her eyes my way. Seems to freeze her gaze to mine

That soft thumping. Becoming more insistant.
Thrumming against my hands.
I feel her body soften beneath me
Almost there. I push into her. just lightly
I'm still a gentleman you know, I cannot take her against her will.
That's wrong. Isn't it?
But if these were her last moments..shouldn't they be happy?
Wouldn't that make her forever happy?                          

I lean forward, she tries to turn her head.
But movement now is almost useless.She can hardly think.
I push my lips to hers. I can feel the last breath she sighs.
When I look again they are empty. Those beautiful blue blue eyes.

The End

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