Blue Blood

One fertile thought but it spawned nothing…

Love as a revelation…

The only difference I feel are the shards beat harder

And cut deeper

Bleeding the same blue blood.



I asked him if he loves me

He responds, “ I’m loving you now.”

Then he clasps my boney knee

The hardest part of me

The part that has made contact with the sharpest of edges

This is about the time one of us rolls over to look at the time.

Oh the time! You’d stay forever if it weren’t for the time



This borrowed time has me feeling raw.

Covering up the wince with the sweetest of sentimentality

Nostalgia waxes poetic

Sometimes I leave things at your apartment…

Trinkets…a single earing…mascara

Things to remind you of my softness

The tenderness breaking through my skin, at the corner of my eyes

I’d die if I saw them remain stationary as shadows slowly shifted like those of a sundial

Buried in the snow of dust motes

Dear God, I’d die if you didn’t find nostalgia in these mundane things


When I’m alone I find myself locked away with reason

I see more and more that there is no law

No Hammurabi’s Code

We didn’t bind our hands together, grip a branch and forcefully etch our needs into stone

Now we wince, turn away from the ruins

I know we could salvage the bricks

But you’d rather blow the dust

Laugh as you cough out the debris

It burns as I inhale

Burns twice as I sign

 So you’re loving me now...

You’re loving me now

Why does everything still seem so cavalier to you?

Why does it seem to me that your feelings remain unchanging?

Despite the fact…

Despite the fact that the climates cooled down

You’re standing on frozen shards of glass

Does your blood freeze?

Does your blood turn blue?

The End

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