'Bloody rozzers!'Mature

A man lies bleeding in the street,

with one stab wound and no mobile phone.

We dont know what happened in the heat of the moment...yet,

all we know is 'he' won't be returning home.


A woman locks herself in the bathroom,

crying to block out the violent drumming on the door.

Bang. Bang. Drop.

As her bloody lip paints the floor.


A woman lies slouched in a dark alleyway,

crying loudly, for all to hear.

beaten, abused, raped.

Penetrated with shame and fear.


An old man walking his dog across the Moores.

with his...old cap and thick black coat.

He follows Jasper to his stubborn fixation,

a young girl, with an unzipped throat.


You can complain about the 'crappy' jigsaw,

but who picks up the pieces!?

And i'm not saying the force is without it's creases but...

It's tough to work productively when everyone acts a sod,

you don't even have to like them...just let them do their job!

They say 'all coppers are bastards' and mock them for what they do,

But they do bad things to bad people.

For the protection of me and you.

The End

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