Bloody Loving It!Mature

Bloody Loving It! [An Acrotic Venture]

Jeweled and razor sharpened, this dagger rests up my sleeve
And this wretched whore is too busy wondering how much I’ll pay
Could she but only read my mind, she would run in fear
Knowing she’ll gladly go with a man in my attire, I take her hand
Then, I lead her deeper, into my world, the East End
Hatred builds within me, my mind is adrift in horrid thought
Ending her life is paramount to furthering mine
Rage swells within my breast, the blade sliding to my hand
In ghostly mist, we pause, and I slice her throat, ear to ear
Perhaps had she throat to scream she would, and loud
Perhaps the Constables would come for me, whistles blowing
Ever do I wish for the chase, but they must earn it
Ready or not London, I shall kill again... and bloody love it

The End

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