Blood-Black Death (When The War Is Over)

War: The ultimate plague.

Sweltering lands, co'ered with human flesh,
Decaying beneath a rising red sun;
Ravaging all, with wounds that bleed afresh;
Cankering bloody roses, just undone.

Bleeding skulls stare, with a murderous glare;
Piercing all, but sightless souls stained with sin;
Burying dreams of restless souls, who bare
Lasting zest; weeping o'er blood-stained kin.

Screeching screams scatter; with thoughts of children,
­Drowning; within blood-stained human squander.
Tolling knells, fore'er echo for fallen,
Paying respect to bruised souls who wander;

Withering away, till they show despair;
Wondering, doth a cankered rose repair?

The End

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